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Odzi port

Odzi Port is one of the wonders of Lori Province. It's a Natural Healing Source in Ardvi village. According to the legend, on the right side of the canyon there was a school, where a wise old pilgrim educated his seven pupils. Very often on the left side a huge vishap (dragon, snake) appeared and his scaring voice silenced everything around. Once, a villager woman, walking down the slope with a jug on her shoulder, noticed the animal and immediately turned into a stone. The sage send one of the pupils to find out what was going on, but he did not return. All the seven pupils sent never appeared and the pilgrim decided to go and look for them. As soon as he left the school he faced the horrible creature. The pilgrim hit the dragon’s head with his rod and told: "You become a stone and let a spring come from your heart. You become a medicine for the sick."
It seems as if two vishaps are "crawling" down the slope. These are two stone veins: one is longer and thicker and the other is shorter and thinner. From "Big Vishap" there are two streams. The first stream is an ordinary one and the second one is believed to have healing properties.
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