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Shaki Waterfall

This is a natural hydrogeological monument in Armenia. The waterfall is situated 3 kilometers north-west of Sisian town–on the Shaki River. The latter is one of the tributaries of Vorotan. The height of the waterfall is 18 meters. This is one of tourists’ favorite nature sights in Armenia. 
According to the legend, Shaki was a lovely young lady. She was so attractive that an Arab invader who came to conquer our country could not stand her beauty and fell in love with her. The invader ordered Shaki to marry him, but the girl did not obey the conqueror and threw herself down the height. At that moment the hems of her dress spread over the hill and became a waterfall. 
Nowadays, the main part of the waterfall is used for the operation of the Shaki hydrological power station which absorbs a considerable amount of water and does not allow the waterfall to shine in all its glory. 
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