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Hunot Canyon

The geographical name of the canyon is Karkar, and as the canyon is full of cornus trees people call it Hunot canyon. There are a lot of historical, natural and architectural monuments in this beautiful canyon, located in the heart of Artsakh. Under rocks the cave of commander Avan Yuzbashi is located, as well as the famous cave-spring known as «mossy umbrella» , the village Hunot and the medieval bridge, old mills and lots of other interesting monuments. Village Hunot, which was founded in 18th century, is located on the left bank of river Karkar.  In 1895 the village, which had 130 inhabitants, played a big role for the city of Shushi. 
The canyon of the fortress-town Shushi is also known for its caves, the biggest and most famous of which was the cave of commander Avan Yuzbashi. It is located in the south-western part of Shushi, under the enormous rocks. Near the perpendicular entrance of the cave you can notice human-made parts, stone walls and other constructions. For years these structures were constructed for different purposes, as people started to use the cave from the 2nd millennium BC till 18th century.
The spring starts from the inside of the canyon and flows down the mossy rock forming a beautiful waterfall, with an umbrella-shaped cavern. The mossy umbrella waterfall is located on the bank of the river Karkar. You should pass through the ruins of Hunot village and then cross the medieval bridge to reach the waterfall from Shushi’s side. Huge rocks of Hunot canyon rise above this natural wonder giving it an unreal beauty.
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