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We dedicate another feast to our city. 

Date։ 13th of Jule. 
Time: 17:00 – 23:00
Place։ Zaqyan street, on the crossroads of Khorenatsi and Lusavorich streets

The event is organized by EventToura in «Street-fest» style. 

We invite everyone to get together around a large table along the street and enjoy the warm atmosphere. The visitors will have a chance to try dishes typical to Armenian and international cuisines matching them with the various alcoholic and soft drinks. There will be a great number of rest areas where the visitors can enjoy their food, drinks and the acoustic stage music under the colorful lights of Yerevan Gastro Day.

In all our project we are trying to be helpful and useful for our society. In Yerevan Wine Days it is development of the Wine Tourism and wine-drinking culture propagation. In Yerevan Music Night it is Event Tourism tool development. For Yerevan Gastro Day we want to emphasis the importance of not using or reducing the use of plastic: We say NO TO PLASTIC. 

Yerevan Gastro Day is PLASTIC FREE ZONE.

The use of disposable plastic containers will be prohibited on the territory of Yerevan Gastro Day and all wastes will be sorted and sent for recycling: aiming to propagate once again the importance of NATURE PROTECTION AND RESPONSIBLE TOURISM.

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