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Khorovats (barbecue) Festival

Pan-Armenian Barbecue Festival has been held since 2009 and its main purpose is to make the Armenian version of the barbecue popular, as well as to make popular the Armenian touristic unrecognizable zones. Initially the Barbecue Pan-Armenian Festival was held in Akhtala, and in 2016 Akhtala was recognized as the capital of barbecue. The barbecue festival is a competition-festival and exhibition-sale.

The aim of the festival is:
  • To draw the public's attention once again to the fact that there is an interesting life outside of Yerevan as well 
  • To promote socio-economic development of the region 
  • To promote city branding
  • To popularize and make known the traditional methods of barbecue making
  • To create festive mood 
  • To presernt valuable reference materials for barbecue types 
  • Festival area management 
  • Organizing public entertainment for Festival participants 
  • Forming participating teams 
  • Presentation of ethnographic traditions 
Media coverage of the festival The cuisine is not only material but also national spiritual, cultural value. And the presentation of the cuisine is a celebration not only of the cuisine itself, but also an opportunity to present the national type and ancient cultural traditions, and to once again remember our roots and present to the world the rich heritage we created for centuries.

It is planned to organize 4 zones during the festival:

1. Zone where 20 and more pavilions will be located to present prepared dishes there. The pavilions will be decorated in a traditional way
2. Cultural Zone, which will include ethnographic-traditional pavilions, art pavilions
3. Musical Zone which will be presented on the stage
4. Commission /Judging/ Zone The festival will start at 15:00, the pavilions will be formed two hours before 15:00 30 minutes after the pavilions are ready, the participating teams will present their competitive dishes in a 10-15 minute interval

Competitive dishes will compete in the following categories:
  • The best taste 
  • The best look 
  • The best idea 
  • Absolute winner
 The festival guests will have the opportunity to taste different types of barbecue and participate in the artistic part of the festival. Volunteer teams and interested non-governmental organizations will also be involved in the festival, who will present the pavilion activities and screenings to the festival guests in Armenian and foreign languages. It is expected that the festival will bring together the best representatives of the Armenian culinary sector, interested representatives of the arts and ethnography, as well as residents and tourists.

The artistic part will last from 3 to 4 hours
Festival Schedule

15:00 – Official Opening Ceremony
15:30 – Artistic part
16:00 – Contest Summary and Awarding Prizes
16:30 – Continuation of the artistic part
19:00 – Official closing of the festival

For reference call: +374 98 63 13 39
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