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Tea and Coffee Festival

PromExpo and AZD Production present «Tea and Coffee Festival» the 3rd time already. The festival started in 2017.In 2 years we have reached 50.000+ visitors. During the festival we set records such as making the biggest jazzve of coffee.
A barista championship also takes place within the festival. During it baristas make coffee and show their skills off to the judges and the public. Both the Armenian and the international jury choose the winners.

Within the festival there will be:

1. Professional Tea Party courses
2. Barista Championship
3. Fortune telling with coffee grounds
4. Jazz and pop music performances on stage
5. Awards in different categories

In the festival the following participants are welcome:

1. International Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Brands:
2. Local producers of tea and coffee (including herbal teas)
3. Cafes and restaurants
4. Producers of sweets and desserts
5. Baristas and bartenders from any country
6. Relevant furniture and equipment manufacturers
7. Specialty tea and coffee shops
8. Artists and musicians
9. Experts on tea and coffee

September 27-28 / 11:00-22:00
Swan Lake, Yerevan, Armenia
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