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Singing Fountains in Yerevan

The complex of singing fountains is located in the capital of Armenia between the Republic Square and the National Gallery. This is the very first water-musical construction in the territory of the former USSR. Today, the singing fountains of Yerevan are a popular place for evening walks both among citizens and tourists.
In Soviet times, the fountains were accompanied by a live orchestra. The local people and tourists came here to dance.
About half a century ago, a group of enthusiastic talented engineers of Armenia, led by Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor Abram Abrahamyan, created this miracle.
Thanks to French specialists who restored and modernized several years ago the magnificent sight of Yerevan, beloved by the townspeople and guests of the capital, the fountains became even more modern and vibrant.
Here, periodically updated beautiful music sounds - world classical masterpieces, national, rock and pop motifs of the 20th and 21st centuries, accompanying the stunning unity of the dance of water and light effects. The performance invariably ends with Charles Aznavour’s song “Eternal Love”.
The show with lighting, dancing streams and music lasts for 3 hours - from 20:00 to 23:00. The opening hours of the singing fountains in Yerevan are independent of holidays and weekends. Fountains are launched in April / May, and they do not stop working until September / October. The exact launch schedule depends on weather conditions. Usually, announcements are published on the city portals of Yerevan.
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