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Sightseeing in Armenia - Shirak region, Gyumri

Sightseeing in Armenia - Shirak region, Gyumri

Armenia has always attracted tourists with its colorful and historical heritage. Having been here once, you want to come back again to get in touch with the centuries-old history and culture, enjoy to see the amazing landscapes and mountains, to go skiing, meet friendly people, taste juicy fruits including national dishes and drinks.

The most important sightseeings in Armenia are the "open-air museum", which includes more than 4,000 ancient monuments. Traveling around the country for foreign and domestic tourists can turn into a pilgrimage since the number of Christian monasteries, temples, churches, and monasteries are simply off the scale.
The beautiful sightseeings of Armenia will not leave anyone indifferent, everyone will find something which is familiar to his soul and mind. Our operators will give full information about all the sightseeings in any corner of Armenia, answer all your questions, and choose the best excursion program.

Sightseeing in Gyumri

Gyumri is the second-largest city in Armenia, famous for its history, ancient fortresses, temples, and monasteries. It is recommended to go for a few days to discover all the memorable places of the city and its surroundings, which were revived after the earthquake of the last century. There are a lot of hotels and hostels. And it doesn't matter whether you come for a whole week, just for a weekend or just for a couple of hours, you should discover Gyumri.
You can start your journey from Freedom Square, in the center of which there is a "monument to the Armenian kings" led by the commander and fighter for Christianity Vardan Mamikonian. To the right and left of the square are the churches of the Holy Virgin (Surb Astvatsatsin) made of black tuff and the Savior (Amenaprkich) made of combined black and orange stone. Here, as in all parts of Armenia, it is impossible not to pay attention to khachkars – stones with elaborately carved crosses. It is impossible to find two identical ones, they are unique and each has its own story. Be sure to climb the hill in the suburb of the city to the Black Fortress of the times of the Russian Empire, from here the whole city is at a glance. Are you hungry? Arrange a gourmet holiday for yourself! Go to the cozy restaurant "Cherkezi Dzor", where you will taste a variety of dishes from the freshest fish, the taste of which you will never forget.
The sightseeing in Gyumri that are mentioned above are not the complete list, you can easily discover and visit a lot of places on your own, or you can just use a map, as all sightseeing in Armenia you can find and navigate with the map.
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