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Gyumri is one of the oldest cities in Armenia

Gyumri Armenia
Gyumri is really one of the oldest Armenian cities. It is the second city for its size. Gyumri is the center of the Shirak region. The city is situated 120 km from Yerevan. 

1. The climate of Gyumri

Summers in Gyumri are mostly hot, clear, and dry, whereas winters are frosty, snowy, and cloudy. The air temperature during the year commonly fluctuates from -14 ° C to 28 ° C. Rarely it can reach up to -21 ° C or 33 ° C.

In terms of favorable weather, July is considered the hottest month of the year in Gyumri. If you are a fan of hot weather, July will be a great time for visiting the city. During your visit, you will get acquainted with Gyumri and explore the main sights.

2. The sights of Gyumri

All the cities of Armenia are rich with fascinating sights. Gyumri, of course, is no exception. Here are some of the main sights of the city:
  • The sights of GyumriBlack Fortress. The fortress was built during the years of the Russian Empire. Black Fortress is located in the territory of Gyumri. It was founded in the XIX century after the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829. Nowadays, the Fortress is considered one of the main historical and architectural values of Gyumri.
  • Mher Mkrtchyan Museum. The famous driver of the movie "Mimino" and Nina's uncle in the movie "Captive of the Caucasus" Mher Mkrtchyan is originally from Gyumri. The actor's house was not preserved, but his family's belongings are kept in the museum next door.
  • Church of the Holy Virgin or Seven Wounds. The church is located in the center of Gyumri, near the main square of the city. The building is made of black tuff. The church stands out for its rich samples of icons.

3. Gyumri airport

Gyumri airportShirak Airport is the second alternative international airport in Armenia. It has been operating since 1961. "Shirak" is 5 km away from Gyumri and 120 km away from Yerevan.

However, the airport started to operate only in 1982, as before that runway was not in good condition. In 2007, the runway was renovated with the funds provided by Hayastan International Airports CJSC. During the reconstruction works a Finnish-made Idman light-signaling system was installed in the airport.

4.  Hotels of Gyumri

Here are the most popular hotels in Gyumri

Hotels of GyumriHotel "Alexandrapol" - a great choice for guests of Gyumri. The environment of the hotel is very cozy and warm. The excellent services of the hotel will ensure a wonderful and comfortable stay. The rooms are equipped with air conditioners, mini-bars, desks, and free Wi-Fi.

Hotel "Villa Kars" - an ancient mansion. This is not a glass-concrete building like other hotels in the city. This hotel is very different with its interesting design and unique color. The owner of this hotel is Italian, who has paid a lot of attention to the design of the hotel, which is why the guests feel at home here. This is a cozy place where every detail is fascinating.
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