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Northern Avenue

Northern Avenue is considered to be the main pedestrian street in Yerevan. The opening of the avenue, which connects the main squares of the city - Freedom Square to Republic Square, took place in 2007.

There are many stylish cafes on Northern Avenue. This avenue is also famous for its elite residential buildings and beautiful expensive shops.
Walking through this street you can meet different street musicians. You can also see artists painting portraits of willing pedestrians. They paint very quickly, transferring all the emotions and impressions to the paper.

Northern Avenue
Northern Avenue is considered to be the only pedestrian avenue in Yerevan, starting from Abovyan Street. It consists of three parts, with buildings, covered with pink tuff and travertine. As the buildings on this avenue are made of very expensive and different building materials, their price is quite high. It can be compared to the prices of apartments in the developed capitals of Europe.
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