Armenia hotels portal

About us is the first Armenian information portal, which allows to search, find and get a direct connection with the hotel. The project was created in 2018 by «Sirov» LLC team, which has been working in the Armenian tourism sector almost 15 years and is a member of  Armenian Tourism Federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Armenia.. The main purpose of the creation is to establish a direct connection between guest and hotel. Today provides full information about hotels, hostels, sightseeing and restaurants in Armenia. The main aim of is to save your time while searching for the hotel and find the best option right from the hotel.  The company moves forward with time, develops unevenly and looks for new ways to further develop its services by integrating new approaches. Due to that team works by slogan «The world is changing, we are changing»!

Why ?

1. We personally know the hotels placed on the website. We guarantee that in the website is accurate information
2. Best value search
3. Direct contact-guest-hotel
4. We don’t add commissions to hotel value

The search services of the portal are free of charge for you. The values placed on our website are  hotel’s values. By choosing, you are guaranteed to get the service directly from the hotel. Due to you can easily and quickly get all the information that you are interested in, find the best hotels’ values, and select hotels’ rooms according to all standards. We are working for you.

How it works

Point out the parameter of the selected hotel 
Compare the search results


Choose a hotel and call directly to the hotel
Get reservation confirmation right from the hotel

Get pleasure from travelling and relaxing


In the Republic of Armenia, by the decision of the Government of Armenia the objects of the hotel/hospitality industry can get qualification on a voluntary basis. 
The hotels that have been officially qualified have a special label on our website.