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Health Resorts in Armenia

Want to have a cool vacation and have a good time with your family and your friends? Don't know where to go? Has the pandemic closed the doors to many foreign resorts? Don't worry! The health resorts of Armenia will welcome you and your loved ones with open arms! Due to the quarantine restrictions, you can devote your trips to your native country. Choosing health resorts in Armenia with treatment, you can combine business with pleasure: a long-awaited vacation, unforgettable impressions of exploring new places and people, and taking good care of your health. Thus, to take a break from everyday worries and heal the body and soul, you do not need to go far.

The best health resorts in Armenia with treatment

Resorts in Jermuk

Health resorts in Jermuk offer a number of laboratories, ultrasound, and endoscopic examinations. Here you can treat the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, and ulcers, liver, obesity, diabetes, urological and gynecological diseases. A variety of treatments are provided (mineral baths, duodenal, inhalation, oxygen cocktail, kinesiotherapy, general massage, clay therapy). Have you ever been to Karlovy Vary? You have a great opportunity to compare and evaluate the healing properties of mineral water from the springs of Armenia and the Czech Republic.

Resorts in Vanadzor

Resorts provide medical programs for the treatment of high blood pressure, as well as the nervous, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal systems. Here are used the mineral waters of "Lori" and therapeutic mud of Lake Violet.

Resort complexes in Arzni

There are provided more than 25 types of services that can help in the treatment of various diseases. Special attention is paid to those suffering from cardiovascular problems.

Resorts in Dilijan called little Switzerland

You will find popular health resorts, resorts where water from thermal springs rich in iron and silicates is used to treat the digestive system, liver, tuberculosis of bones and lungs.

Modernly equipped resort and rehabilitation centers within their walls have created favorable conditions designed for different groups of society, interests, and ages. Various spas, swimming pools, play areas for children and adults are waiting for their visitors. Excursions are organized for those who want to enjoy the amazing landscapes of the surrounding areas and explore the nearby attractions.

Armenian health resorts prices in 2021

The cost of the tour depends on many factors such as the season, the length of stay, the comfort of the room, food, and the treatment program. On our website, you can choose and book a room in a selected wellness facility with the help of our professional managers who will select the best options in accordance with your wishes and financial capabilities.

Choosing a vacation in an Armenian resort with treatment, you will not only receive qualified medical treatment and preventive care at an affordable price but also get acquainted with the amazing nature of the mountains and get closer to the centuries-old history of our country.
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