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Swan Lake

Yerevan is a colorful city, which is rich in interesting and unique sights. We will try to describe Swan Lake - one of the main attractions of this wonderful city.

Swan Lake is one of the most famous sights in Yerevan. It is located right in the heart of the city, in a beautiful green garden. Near the park is located the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet and Freedom Square.

The author of the Swan Lake project is the famous architect Gevorg Musheghyan. The lake was named "Swan" in honor of Tchaikovsky's ballet of the same name because the lake is located near the National Academic Ballet Theater. Moreover, in the warm seasons of the year, you can see swans swimming in the lake, and in winter Swan Lake turns into an open skating rink. Swan Lake

In 2003, a statue dedicated to the famous composer Arno Babajanyan was put in the park near the lake. Swan Lake is very similar in appearance to Lake Sevan.

The natural relief of the area was not damaged during the construction, as the architect managed to preserve it while designing the lake.

So, you will be able to visit all these wonderful places in the colorful Yerevan. However, there are still other non-less important and beautiful places that are certainly worth a visit.
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